Programme number index

101   Reconsidering aeolian transport in the context of near-bed wind tunnel measurements in 3D
Patrick O'Brien, Cheryl McKenna Neuman*
102   Spatiotemporal variability in saltation intensity on a narrow sandy beach
Winnie de Winter*, Gerben Ruessink, Geert Sterk
103   Simulation test on mechanisms of freezing-thawing induced wind erosion in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
Yao Qian*, Ping Yan, Wei Wu, Xiaonan Meng, Miao Dong
104   Some investigations into drifting snow and its sublimation in the turbulent atmosphere boundary layer
Ning Huang*, Guang Li, Zhengshi Wang
105   Aerodynamic and Sand Trapping Properties of Porous Mesh 3-Dimensional Roughness Elements
John Gillies*, Vicken Etyemezian, George Nikolich, William Nickling
106   The Nature of Large-Scale Coherent Structures as a Source of Saltation Unsteadiness
Douglas Sherman*, Bailiang Li, Jean Ellis, Eugene Farrell, Robin Davidson-Arnott, Andreas Baas
107   Rain, wind and crusts: small scale processes drive landscape erodibility
Craig Strong*, Helene Aubault, Joanna Bullard, Hossein Ghadiri, Grant McTainsh
108   Periodic temporal oscillations in biocrust–vegetation dynamics on sand dunes
Hezi Yizhaq, Yosef Ashkenazy*
109   Mechanisms of dust emission from different surfaces
Jie Zhang*, Zhenjiao Teng, Ning Huang, Yaping Shao
110   Under the cover of darkness: Australia's 'missing' dust storms
Hamish McGowan*, Michael Hewson, Joshua Soderholm
150   Sand transport features on two types of grassland in the middle Inner Mongolian Plateau, China
Shulin Liu*, Tao Wang, Wenping Kang
151   Flow dynamics and sediment transport over a reversing barchan, Changli, China
Yuxiang Dong*, Patrick Hesp, S.L. Namikas
152   Wind tunnel experiment on wind erosion of different soil surfaces in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,China
Wei Wu*, Ping Yan, Yao Qian, Miao Dong, Xiaonan Meng
153   Effect of calcium carbonate on wind erosion: A wind tunnel experiment
Miao Dong*, Ping Yan, Xiaonan Meng, Jinrui Guo, Yao Qian, Wei Wu
154   Wind tunnel experiments of spatial distribution of surface shear stress in flexible plant canopy
Liqiang Kang*, Junjie Zhang, Xueyong Zou, Chunlai Zhang, Hong Cheng, Zhicheng Yang
155   Spatial variability of topsoil features in wind erosion area of northern China
Xueyong Zou*, Yilei Zhang, Jifeng Li, Hong Cheng, Chunlai Zhang, Liqiang Kang, Feng Zhang
156   Saltation bombardment versus direct aerodynamic entrainment: A case study for Australia
Martina Klose*, Yaping Shao, Harry Butler, John Leys
157   Field evidence for fluid and impact thresholds in aeolian saltation
Raleigh L. Martin*, Jasper F. Kok
158   A preliminary wind-tunnel study on the effect of wind intermittency on aerodynamic entrainment
Guang Li*, Jie Zhang, Yusheng Liu, Ning Huang, Yaping Shao
159   Sand transport of the main passages of the Alax Plateau, China
Yanyan Yang*, Lianyou Liu, Guoming Zhang, Jie Lei, Haiming Wen, Bo Liang, Jiadong Dai, Mengdi Zhao
160   An efficient, self-orientating (swinging), sand trap
Mike Hilton*, William Nickling, Sarah Wakes, Douglas Sherman, Teresa Konlechner, Mark Jermy, Patrick Geoghegan
161   High resolution measurements of soil surface roughness response to wind erosion and rainfall
Joanna Bullard*, Helene Aubault, Annie Ockelford, Craig Strong
162   Research on occurrence mechanism and transport path of Saline-Alkaline Dust Storms at the dry lake beds in Inner Mongolia
Guoming Zhang*, Lianyou Liu, Jie Lei, Yanyan Yang, Haiming Wen
163   Deducing dust emission mechanisms from field measurements
Martina Klose*, Nicholas Webb, Justin Van Zee, Brad Cooper, Scott Van Pelt, Gregory Okin, Jason Karl
164   Robotic Measurement of Aeolian Processes
Sonia Roberts*, Douglas Jerolmack, Nick Lancaster, George Nikolich, Paul Reverdy, Thomas Shipley, Scott Van Pelt, Ted Zobeck, Daniel E. Koditschek
165   Estimating the wind erosion potential of east Australian droughts over 120 years.
Katherine Parsons*, Craig Strong, Tadhg O'Loingsigh, Harry Butler, Grant McTainsh
166   Stratification effects in sediment-laden air flow
Bailiang Li*, Douglas Sherman
167   Mobile robots as remote sensor platforms for characterizing the distribution of vegetation in arid environments
Paul Reverdy*, Scott Van Pelt, Ted Zobeck, Daniel Koditschek
168   Grain size characteristics of ripple crests and troughs under different velocity and duration of blowing wind
Huiru Li*, Hong Cheng, Jifeng Li, Bo Liu, Chenchen Liu, Wei Liu, Ruxing Wang, Xueyong Zou
169   Field observations of saltation and dust emission under crusted ground surface in desert steppe, Mongolia
Masahide Ishizuka*, Yasunori Kurosaki, Batdelger Gantsetseg, Yutaka Yamada, Dulam Jugder, Masao Mikami
171   Possible key aeolian erodibility factors in a norther area of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Yasunori Kurosaki*, Masahide Ishizuka, Batdelger Gantsetseg, Buyantogtoh Batjargal, Yutaka Yamada, Masato Shinoda, Masao Mikami, Dulam Jugder
201   Aeolian dust emission in the Namib Desert: measurements of small-scale erodibility controls
Johanna von Holdt*, Frank Eckardt, Giles Wiggs, Martin Hipondoka
202   Characterisation of Dust Emission from Alluvial Sources in the Sahara
Stefanie Feuerstein*, Jamie R. Banks, Kerstin Schepanski
203   Establishing the Large Scale Geomorphological Signature of Dust Emissions
Matthew Baddock*, Paul Ginoux, Joanna Bullard, Thomas Gill
204   Using albedo to reformulate wind erosion modelling, mapping and monitoring
Adrian Chappell*, Nicholas Webb
205   Identifying Blowing Dust Sources in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, USA using MODIS Imagery.
Jeff Lee*, Tarek Kandakji, Junran Li, Thomas Gill
206   Predicting Martian dune shape and orientation from wind direction variability and sediment availability.
Laura Fernandez-Cascales*, Antoine Lucas, Sébastien Rodriguez, Clément Narteau, Aymeric Spiga
250   Spectral properties of cyanobacterial soil crusts, implications for using remote sensing data in aeolian erosion models
Kevin White*, Ian Davenport
251   A Comparative Analysis of Sediment Transport and Deposition Trends of the Sand Seas of Earth and Titan
Robert Lewis*, Bradley Bishop, Jani Radebaugh
252   Analog Study of Aeolian Features in the Qaidam Basin: Implications to Martian Climate
Jiang Wang*, Long Xiao, Zhiyong Xiao, Jiannan Zhao, Jun Huang, Yanan Dang
253   Variation in dune parameters with location and elevation in Titan's Belet Sand Sea highlight potential sediment transport patterns
Brad Bishop*, Jani Radebaugh, Corbin Lewis
254   Advanced Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radar (InSAR) for Dune Mapping
Shiran Havivi*, Doron Amir, Yitzhak August, Shimrit Mamman, Stanely R. Rotman, Dan G. Blumberg
255   The Icelandic Dust Cycle: insights from remote sensing and air parcel trajectory modelling
Matthew Baddock*, Joanna Bullard, Tom Mockford, Santiago Gasso, Throstur Thorsteinsson
256   Analogue study of Polygonal surface structures in the Qaidam Basin and on Mars
Yanan Dang*, Yi Xu, Long Xiao, Jiang Wang
257   Dust detection with a new dust index using MODIS data
Aojie Di, Yong Xue, Xihua Yang, John Leys*, Lu She
258   Global Mapping of terrestrial wind streaks and their interpretation with climatic models
Aviv Lee Cohen-Zada*, Shimrit Maman, Dan G. Blumberg
301   Building the next generation of database systems for the aeolian sciences
Louis Scuderi*, Gary Weissmann
302   Simulations of vegetation and wind erosion from two typical Sahelian millet fields and rangelands
Caroline Pierre*, Laurent Kergoat, Gilles Bergametti, Eric Mougin, Christian Baron, Amadou Abourhamane Toure, Jean-Louis Rajot, Pierre Hiernaux, Beatrice Marticorena, Claire Delon
303   Can biosolids reduce wind erosion of agricultural soils?
Brenton Sharratt*, William Schillinger, Andrew Bary, Craig Cogger
304   Monitoring of a coastal foredune restoration project: Noordwest natuurkern, The Netherlands
Gerben Ruessink*, Jasper Donker, Sebastiaan Arens, Marieke Kuipers
305   The National Wind Erosion Research Network: Building a standardized long-term data resource for aeolian research, modeling and land management
Nicholas Webb*, Jeffrey Herrick, Justin Van Zee, Ericha Courtright, Brad Cooper, Valerie LaPlante
306   Predicting dust and ground cover levels from antecedent rainfall
John Leys*, Stephan Heidenreich, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
307   The importance of IBA in characterizing source-sink relationships in Australian aeolian dust research: examples from case studies
Richard Greene*, Keith Scott (Deceased), Craig Strong, Eduard Stelcer, David Cohen
308   Dust producing soil types of the Mallee region, south-east Australia
Ben Love*, John Leys, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
309   A spatial dynamic framework for landscape-scale assessment of accelerated wind erosion in Australian rangelands
Helene Aubault*, Nicholas Webb, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
310   Managing Erosion in the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, Australia
John Leys, Tom Barrett, David Bye, Mal Ridges, Sandy Booth, Dan Rosendahl*
320   Aeolian anecdotes: from Africa to Australia
Grant McTainsh*
350   Mitigate wind-blown sand problem at three special environments in China
Benli Liu*, Jianjun Qu, Weimin Zhang, Qingjie Han
351   The sustainable management and use of aelolian derived landscapes in south-eastern Australia
John Cooke*
352   Towards the quantification of the contribution of fires to the North African dust emissions
Robert Wagner*, Kerstin Schepanski
353   Effectiveness of an Array of Porous Sand Fences to Reduce Sand Flux: Oceano Dunes, Oceano CA
John Gillies*, Vicken Etyemezian, George Nikolich, Ronnie Glick, Peter Rowland, Tim Pesce, Mark Skinner
354   Frequency and magnitude of dust events in the Australian Mallee from 1990-2015
John Leys*, Ben Love, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh, Michael Case
355   Quantifying changes in land management practice and impact on erosion and ground cover in the NSW Mallee 2003-2015
John Leys, Terry Koen, Leigh Pyke*, Craig Strong
356   The introduction of wind erosion area of Aralik-Igdir, Turkey.
Mucahit Karaoglu*
357   Human activity as a driver of dust emissions: a synthesis of data from different locations.
James Hooper*, Samuel Marx
358   Wind erosion and land management in eastern Australia during two great droughts; the World War II Drought (1937-1946) and the Millennium Drought (2001-2010).
Craig Strong*, Tadhg O'Loingsigh, Katherine Parsons, Grant McTainsh, John Leys
359   Effect of tillage direction on dust and nutrient mobilization by wind, using wind tunnel simulations and modeling with SWEEP
Wolfgang Fister*, Ali Mohammadian Behbahani, Goswin Heckrath, Nikolaus J. Kuhn
360   The role of relative humidity in mitigating fugitive dust emission from mine tailings
Damilare Ogungbemide, Cheryl McKenna Neuman*
361   Trace Elements in Human Fingernail and Hair from Exposure to Dust
Mansour Ahmadi Foroushani*, Eva Lehndorff, Christian Opp, Michael Groll
362   Physical and chemical characteristics of an eroded dry lake bed in the Mu Us Desert
Jie Lei*, Guo-ming Zhang, Lian-you Liu, Zhi-qiang Qu, Hai-ming Wen, Yan-yan Yang, Jia-dong Dai
363   The Weather Factor in soil wind erosion area of northern China
Wei Liu*, Xueyong Zou, Bo Liu, Huiru Li, Jingpu Wang, Ruxing Wang, Yi Fang, Jifeng Li
401   Aeolian dust deposition in the Aral Sea region – a spatial and temporal analysis of an ecological crisis
Michael Groll*, Christian Opp, Tom Lotz, Ilkhom Aslanov
402   Soil profile development and recovery on the Southern Great Plains following the US Dust Bowl
Stephen Cattle*, Jeff Lee
403   Iron oxide minerals in dust: New views of their types, sizes, amounts, and effects on the Earth System
Richard Reynolds*, Bruce Moskowitz, Harland Goldstein, Stephen Cattle, Charlie Bristow, Thelma Berquó, Ray Kokaly
404   Regional Dust Modelling on Geological Time Scales: the Evolution of the Chinese Loess Plateau
Yaping Shao*
405   Comparing contemporary atmospheric dust loads in south eastern Australia with dust contributions to soils
Nicola Stromsoe*, Sam Marx, Hamish McGowan
450   Trace element analysis of dust in south-western part of Iran using passive samplers
Aansour Ahmadi Foroushani*, Christian Opp, Micheal Groll
451   Topsoil magnetic susceptibility properties of Mu Us Desert in northern China and its environmental significance
Xiaokang Liu*, Ruijie Lu, Feifei Jia, Jing Du, Zhiqiang Lv, Tengfei Li, Lu Chen, Yuzhen Ma, Yongqiu Wu
452   Differences of surface sediments in three basins of northern China and its implications
Xiaomei Li*, Ping Yan, Wei Wu, Yao Qian
453   Holocene aeolian activity in the Zoige Basin, northeastern Tibetan Plateau, China
Guangyin Hu*, Lupeng Yu, Zhibao Dong, Junfeng Lu, Jiyan Li, Zhongping Lai
454   Vegetated hummocks on scalded clay pan soils – relic or recent deposit?
Zoe Read*, Adrian Chappell, Richard Greene, Brian Murphy
501   Linear scaling of aeolian saltation flux with wind shear stress
Raleigh L. Martin*, Jasper F. Kok
502   Determination of Optimal Structural Parameters for Wind Barriers Using Numerical Simulation
Xiaoxu Wu*, Xiaofan Yang, Zhongquan Charlie Zheng, Xueyong Zou, Chunlai Zhang, Alan Wei Zheng
503   Modelling actual and potential wind erosion risk by using readily available data on weather elements and GIS.
Wolfgang Fister*, Mohammadali Saremi Naeini, Goswin Heckrath, Nikolaus J. Kuhn
504   Australian dust paths (1965 - 2014)
Tyler Kelly*, Matthew Baddock, Tadhg O'Loingsigh, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
505   Dust sources and atmospheric circulation acting in concert to control Saharan dust emission and transport pathways
Kerstin Schepanski*, Robert Wagner, Bernd Heinold, Ina Tegen
506   A 78- Year Climatology of Aeolian Dust in El Paso, Texas: Relationship to Drought and Large-Scale Teleconnections
Thomas Gill*, David J. Novlan, Joe D. Collins, Marisela Montelongo, Matthew Baddock
507   Numerical study of the influence of shape and rotation of particles on wind-blown saltation
Hongchao Dun*, Ning Huang
508   Mixing and Deposition Processes during Transatlantic Transport of Saharan Dust
Bernd Heinold*, Kerstin Schepanski, Max Ulrich, Moritz Haarig, Franziska Rittmeister, Ina Tegen
509   A numerical study on dust devils with implications to global dust budget estimates
Martina Klose*, Yaping Shao
510   A Numerical Simulation of Aeolian Snow Ripples on Dynamic Surface
Xinghui Huo*, Guang Li, Ning Huang
511   Numerical Simulation of Drifting Snow Saltation and Suspension
Guanglei Shi*, Ning Huang
512   The correlation analysis between snow streamers and turbulent wind field
Zhengshi Wang*, Ning Huang
550   Sensitivity of mineral dust emissions over the Sahara to the surface wind velocity from different meteorological models
Beatrice Marticorena*, Guillaume Siour, David Poulet, Gilles Bergametti, Christel Bouet, Fabien Brocheton, Gilles Foret, Benoit Laurent, Yiwen Xu
601   Trans-Atlantic connections between North African dust flux and tree growth
James King*, Grant Harley, Justin Maxwell
602   Transatlantic transport and deposition of Saharan dust and its marine environmental consequences
Jan-Berend Stuut*, Catarina Guerreiro, Chris Munday, Geert-Jan Brummer, Laura Korte, Michelle Van der Does
603   Variability in dust emissions from Australia over the past 6000 years: a record of synoptic-scale circulation change and recent human activity
Samuel Marx*, Hamish McGowan, James Hooper, Atun Zawadzki, Balz Kamber
604   A new record of palaeo dust deposition from Argentina’s Altiplano
James Hooper*, Samuel Marx, Jan-Hendrik May, Henk Heijnis
605   Wind strength variability in Australia during the last glacial maximum
Lynda Petherick*, Hamish McGowan, Patrick Moss, Sam Marx
701   The Global Digital Dune Map
Paul Hesse*, Nick Lancaster, Matt Telfer
702   Tracking internal sedimentary structure of linear dune using cellular automaton
Yukun Liu*, Andreas Baas
703   Spatial patterning, sedimentology and chronological evolution of linear dunes, Strzelecki Desert
Matt Telfer*, Paul Hesse, Nick Lancaster
704   Dune migration and morphological changes during the incipient phase of stabilization and transformation in the northern Ordos Plateau, China
Eerdun Hasi*, Meiping Liu, Yu Sun, Chao Guan, Dan Liu
705   A Complex History for Linear Dunes on Earth and Application to Titan
Jani Radebaugh*, Clayton Chandler, John McBride, Tom Morris, Karl Arnold, Ralph Lorenz, Jason Barnes, Alex Hayes
706   Characteristics of Icelandic Dust Sources: Particle Size, Morphology and Geochemistry
Thomas W Mockford*, Joanna Bullard, Throstur Thorsteinsson
707   The influence of grainfall and grainflow dynamics on barchan dune mobility under variable wind conditions
Joanna Nield*, Giles Wiggs, Matthew Baddock, Martin Hipondoka
708   Experimental and numerical study of Sharp's shadow zone hypothesis on sand ripple wavelength
Hezi Yizhaq*, Erez Schmerler, Itzhak Katra, Jasper Kok, Haim Tsoar
709   Wind regimes and aeolian sand transport in Lut Desert of Iran
Hamidreza Abbasi*, Christian Opp
710   CFD Modelling and Field Observations of Flow over Scarps
Patrick Hesp*, Thomas Smyth
711   Mapping coastal bio-geomorphic dune development with UAV-imaging
Corjan Nolet*, Marinka Van Puijenbroek, Juha Suomalainen, Juul Limpens, Michel Riksen
712   The effect of fetch limitation on coastal dune erosion and recovery
Jasper Donker*, Pam Hage, Gerben Ruessink
713   Onshore flow steering and sand transport over a linear foredune during high energy oblique incident winds
Mike Hilton*, Scott Hatcher
714   Aeolian drift potential and coastal dunefield development in South Australia.
Graziela Miot da Silva*
715   Spatial and temporal surface moisture dynamics on a coastal beach
Yvonne Smit*, Gerben Ruessink
720   Linear Dunes: From Australia to Mars and beyond
Haim Tsoar*
750   Morphological and sedimentological characteristicsof Nitrarianabkhas and implications for the analysis of their formation processes, in minqin China
Kejie Zhan, Zihui Yang*, Ning Huang
751   The surface sediment grain size, available nutrient distribution and sand environment in the Eastern Sand Area of China
752   Numerical simulation study of the airflow field on a sand dune with upright fence at upper windward slope
753   Contrasting dynamic fluvial-aeolian interaction landscapes in China
Baoli Liu*, Ping Yan, Xiaomei Li, Wei Wu
754   High Latitude and Cold Climate Dust: observations, impacts and characteristics
Joanna Bullard*, Eleanor Darlington
755   Aeolian geomorphy in the Dinggye area, South Tibet, China: Distribution and morphology
Yongqiu Wu*, Meihui Pan, Lihua Tan
756   Grain size variation response to the morphology and mobility of an inland parabolic dune during the incipient phase of stabilization in the Hobq Desert, China
Meiping Liu*, Eerdun Hasi, YU Sun, Binbin Tao
757   Sand-strip characteristics on a narrow beach by using video imaging.
Pam Hage*, Gerben Ruessink, Donker Jasper
758   Grain size characteristics of blowing sediments over zibar surface: the primary results of a 1-yr filed measurement using a segmented, eight-directional sand trap (SEDST) in the Kumtagh Desert of NW China
Guangqiang Qian*, Zhuanling Yang, Zhibao Dong, Wanyin Luo, Zhengcai Zhang, Junfeng Lu
759   Aeolian sand transport above three desert surfaces in northern China with different characteristics (shifting sand, straw checkerboard, and gravel): field observations
760   Blowout on Tibetan Plateau: morphology and sediments
Luo wanyin*, Wang zhongyuan, Lu junfeng, Qian Guangqiang, Dong zhibao
761   Destabilisation of coastal dunes after bushfires: a rare occurrence?
Samuel Shumack*, Paul Hesse
762   The complex response of vegetation on desert sand dunes to rainfall and implications for sand transport
Paul Hesse*
763   Aeolian environments and sand damage along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, China
Kecun Zhang*, Jianjun Qu, Qingjie Han, Zhishan An
764   Complexity of three NSW coastal dune fields
William Farebrother*, Paul Hesse, Ian Goodwin
765   Internal structure and morphology of a foredune blowout (Peró Beach - RJ, Brazil).
Matrim Moulton*, Thais Rocha, Israeli Santos, Guilherme Fernandez
766   The impact of wind-blown sand on crushed-rock embankment along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway (QTR), China
Ruiping Zu*, Zhilin He, Jianjun Qu, Yumei Zong, Kecun Zhang
767   Impact of plant morphology and density on wind velocity and windborne sediment flux – a wind tunnel experiment
Abbas Miri*, Deirdre Dragovich, Zhibao Dong
768   Field observation on the sand transport over transverse dune's crest
Zhengcai Zhang, Zhibao Dong*
769   Climate-cycle driving geomorphology process in the Earth
Zhongping Lai*

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