The International Conference on Aeolian Research in Australia will provide a forum for scientists, land managers and policy makers to discuss the latest developments in wind erosion research and management relating to agriculture, rangelands, coastal regions, and the impacts of dust on human health, climate and ecosystems.

When and where?

ICAR IX will be held 4 – 8 July 2016, in Mildura, Australia.

Getting to Mildura

There are many ways in which to travel to Mildura

We have provided some helpful information on travel visas for Australia and drafted a letter of invitation for you to complete and for us to sign.

Who will be there?

This is the 9th International Conference on Aeolian Research (ICAR) and typically attracts more than 150 delegates from Australia, Europe, North and South America, Japan and China.

The importance of aeolian research

Aeolian (wind) erosion and dust storms play a key role in environmental systems. Around 2000 million tons of dust is eroded and emitted into the atmosphere every year. The dust represents a substantial loss of topsoil and nutrients from the Earth’s agricultural lands, rangelands and deserts.

Societies face great challenges to manage increasing wind erosion and dust storms, driven by land use pressures, drought and climate change. The Conference will stimulate ideas and facilitate collaboration across political and environmental boundaries to build understanding and find new solutions.

About the ICAR conference series

ICAR is the biennial International Conference on Aeolian Research. The ICAR conferences are run by the International Society for Aeolian Research (ISAR), a not-for-profit society to promote the interaction of aeolian research community.

Past ICAR conferences

Previous conferences have been held in Aarhus, Denmark (1985), Sandberg, Denmark (1990), Zyzxx, California (1994), Oxford, UK (1998), Lubbock, USA (2002), Guelph, Canada (2006), Santa Rosa, Argentina (2010) and Lanzhou, China (2014). In 2014, delegates voted to hold the next conference in Australia.

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