Remote Sensing of Aeolian Systems

15:05 Session 2: Remote Sensing of Aeolian Systems – convener Kevin White (

201 Aeolian dust emission in the Namib Desert: measurements of small-scale erodibility controls
Johanna von Holdt*, Frank Eckardt, Giles Wiggs, Martin Hipondoka
202 Characterisation of Dust Emission from Alluvial Sources in the Sahara
Stefanie Feuerstein*, Jamie R. Banks, Kerstin Schepanski
203 Establishing the Large Scale Geomorphological Signature of Dust Emissions
Matthew Baddock*, Paul Ginoux, Joanna Bullard, Thomas Gill
204 Using albedo to reformulate wind erosion modelling, mapping and monitoring
Adrian Chappell*, Nicholas Webb
205 Identifying Blowing Dust Sources in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, USA using MODIS Imagery.
Jeff Lee*, Tarek Kandakji, Junran Li, Thomas Gill
206 Predicting Martian dune shape and orientation from wind direction variability and sediment availability.
Laura Fernandez-Cascales*, Antoine Lucas, Sébastien Rodriguez, Clément Narteau, Aymeric Spiga