Poster session 1

150 Sand transport features on two types of grassland in the middle Inner Mongolian Plateau, China
Shulin Liu*, Tao Wang, Wenping Kang
151 Flow dynamics and sediment transport over a reversing barchan, Changli, China
Yuxiang Dong*, Patrick Hesp, S.L. Namikas
152 Wind tunnel experiment on wind erosion of different soil surfaces in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,China
Wei Wu*, Ping Yan, Yao Qian, Miao Dong, Xiaonan Meng
153 Effect of calcium carbonate on wind erosion: A wind tunnel experiment
Miao Dong*, Ping Yan, Xiaonan Meng, Jinrui Guo, Yao Qian, Wei Wu
154 Wind tunnel experiments of spatial distribution of surface shear stress in flexible plant canopy
Liqiang Kang*, Junjie Zhang, Xueyong Zou, Chunlai Zhang, Hong Cheng, Zhicheng Yang
155 Spatial variability of topsoil features in wind erosion area of northern China
Xueyong Zou*, Yilei Zhang, Jifeng Li, Hong Cheng, Chunlai Zhang, Liqiang Kang, Feng Zhang
156 Saltation bombardment versus direct aerodynamic entrainment: A case study for Australia
Martina Klose*, Yaping Shao, Harry Butler, John Leys
157 Field evidence for fluid and impact thresholds in aeolian saltation
Raleigh L. Martin*, Jasper F. Kok
158 A preliminary wind-tunnel study on the effect of wind intermittency on aerodynamic entrainment
Guang Li*, Jie Zhang, Yusheng Liu, Ning Huang, Yaping Shao
159 Sand transport of the main passages of the Alax Plateau, China
Yanyan Yang*, Lianyou Liu, Guoming Zhang, Jie Lei, Haiming Wen, Bo Liang, Jiadong Dai, Mengdi Zhao
160 An efficient, self-orientating (swinging), sand trap
Mike Hilton*, William Nickling, Sarah Wakes, Douglas Sherman, Teresa Konlechner, Mark Jermy, Patrick Geoghegan
161 High resolution measurements of soil surface roughness response to wind erosion and rainfall
Joanna Bullard*, Helene Aubault, Annie Ockelford, Craig Strong
162 Research on occurrence mechanism and transport path of Saline-Alkaline Dust Storms at the dry lake beds in Inner Mongolia
Guoming Zhang*, Lianyou Liu, Jie Lei, Yanyan Yang, Haiming Wen
163 Deducing dust emission mechanisms from field measurements
Martina Klose*, Nicholas Webb, Justin Van Zee, Brad Cooper, Scott Van Pelt, Gregory Okin, Jason Karl
164 Robotic Measurement of Aeolian Processes
Sonia Roberts*, Douglas Jerolmack, Nick Lancaster, George Nikolich, Paul Reverdy, Thomas Shipley, Scott Van Pelt, Ted Zobeck, Daniel E. Koditschek
165 Estimating the wind erosion potential of east Australian droughts over 120 years.
Katherine Parsons*, Craig Strong, Tadhg O’Loingsigh, Harry Butler, Grant McTainsh
166 Stratification effects in sediment-laden air flow
Bailiang Li*, Douglas Sherman
167 Mobile robots as remote sensor platforms for characterizing the distribution of vegetation in arid environments
Paul Reverdy*, Scott Van Pelt, Ted Zobeck, Daniel Koditschek
168 Grain size characteristics of ripple crests and troughs under different velocity and duration of blowing wind
Huiru Li*, Hong Cheng, Jifeng Li, Bo Liu, Chenchen Liu, Wei Liu, Ruxing Wang, Xueyong Zou
169 Field observations of saltation and dust emission under crusted ground surface in desert steppe, Mongolia
Masahide Ishizuka*, Yasunori Kurosaki, Batdelger Gantsetseg, Yutaka Yamada, Dulam Jugder, Masao Mikami
170 Mobile Characterization of Wind Flow Fields Around Solid and Porous Objects
Scott Van Pelt*, Tarek Kandakji, Ted Zobeck, Daniel Koditschek
171 Possible key aeolian erodibility factors in a norther area of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Yasunori Kurosaki*, Masahide Ishizuka, Batdelger Gantsetseg, Buyantogtoh Batjargal, Yutaka Yamada, Masato Shinoda, Masao Mikami, Dulam Jugder
250 Spectral properties of cyanobacterial soil crusts, implications for using remote sensing data in aeolian erosion models
Kevin White*, Ian Davenport
251 A Comparative Analysis of Sediment Transport and Deposition Trends of the Sand Seas of Earth and Titan
Robert Lewis*, Bradley Bishop, Jani Radebaugh
252 Analog Study of Aeolian Features in the Qaidam Basin: Implications to Martian Climate
Jiang Wang*, Long Xiao, Zhiyong Xiao, Jiannan Zhao, Jun Huang, Yanan Dang
253 Variation in dune parameters with location and elevation in Titan’s Belet Sand Sea highlight potential sediment transport patterns
Brad Bishop*, Jani Radebaugh, Corbin Lewis
254 Advanced Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radar (InSAR) for Dune Mapping
Shiran Havivi*, Doron Amir, Yitzhak August, Shimrit Mamman, Stanely R. Rotman, Dan G. Blumberg
255 The Icelandic Dust Cycle: insights from remote sensing and air parcel trajectory modelling
Matthew Baddock*, Joanna Bullard, Tom Mockford, Santiago Gasso, Throstur Thorsteinsson
256 Analogue study of Polygonal surface structures in the Qaidam Basin and on Mars
Yanan Dang*, Yi Xu, Long Xiao, Jiang Wang
257 Dust detection with a new dust index using MODIS data
Aojie Di, Yong Xue, Xihua Yang, John Leys*, Lu She
258 Global Mapping of terrestrial wind streaks and their interpretation with climatic models
Aviv Lee Cohen-Zada*, Shimrit Maman, Dan G. Blumberg
550 Sensitivity of mineral dust emissions over the Sahara to the surface wind velocity from different meteorological models
Beatrice Marticorena*, Guillaume Siour, David Poulet, Gilles Bergametti, Christel Bouet, Fabien Brocheton, Gilles Foret, Benoit Laurent, Yiwen Xu