Poster session 2

350 Mitigate wind-blown sand problem at three special environments in China
Benli Liu*, Jianjun Qu, Weimin Zhang, Qingjie Han
351 The sustainable management and use of aelolian derived landscapes in south-eastern Australia
John Cooke*
352 Towards the quantification of the contribution of fires to the North African dust emissions
Robert Wagner*, Kerstin Schepanski
353 Effectiveness of an Array of Porous Sand Fences to Reduce Sand Flux: Oceano Dunes, Oceano CA
John Gillies*, Vicken Etyemezian, George Nikolich, Ronnie Glick, Peter Rowland, Tim Pesce, Mark Skinner
354 Frequency and magnitude of dust events in the Australian Mallee from 1990-2015
John Leys*, Ben Love, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh, Michael Case
355 Quantifying changes in land management practice and impact on erosion and ground cover in the NSW Mallee 2003-2015
John Leys, Terry Koen, Leigh Pyke*, Craig Strong
356 The introduction of wind erosion area of Aralik-Igdir, Turkey.
Mucahit Karaoglu*
357 Human activity as a driver of dust emissions: a synthesis of data from different locations.
James Hooper*, Samuel Marx
358 Wind erosion and land management in eastern Australia during two great droughts; the World War II Drought (1937-1946) and the Millennium Drought (2001-2010).
Craig Strong*, Tadhg O’Loingsigh, Katherine Parsons, Grant McTainsh, John Leys
359 Effect of tillage direction on dust and nutrient mobilization by wind, using wind tunnel simulations and modeling with SWEEP
Wolfgang Fister*, Ali Mohammadian Behbahani, Goswin Heckrath, Nikolaus J. Kuhn
360 The role of relative humidity in mitigating fugitive dust emission from mine tailings
Damilare Ogungbemide, Cheryl McKenna Neuman*
361 Trace Elements in Human Fingernail and Hair from Exposure to Dust
Mansour Ahmadi Foroushani*, Eva Lehndorff, Christian Opp, Michael Groll
362 Physical and chemical characteristics of an eroded dry lake bed in the Mu Us Desert
Jie Lei*, Guo-ming Zhang, Lian-you Liu, Zhi-qiang Qu, Hai-ming Wen, Yan-yan Yang, Jia-dong Dai
363 The Weather Factor in soil wind erosion area of northern China
Wei Liu*, Xueyong Zou, Bo Liu, Huiru Li, Jingpu Wang, Ruxing Wang, Yi Fang, Jifeng Li
450 Trace element analysis of dust in south-western part of Iran using passive samplers
Aansour Ahmadi Foroushani*, Christian Opp, Micheal Groll
451 Topsoil magnetic susceptibility properties of Mu Us Desert in northern China and its environmental significance
Xiaokang Liu*, Ruijie Lu, Feifei Jia, Jing Du, Zhiqiang Lv, Tengfei Li, Lu Chen, Yuzhen Ma, Yongqiu Wu
452 Differences of surface sediments in three basins of northern China and its implications
Xiaomei Li*, Ping Yan, Wei Wu, Yao Qian
453 Holocene aeolian activity in the Zoige Basin, northeastern Tibetan Plateau, China
Guangyin Hu*, Lupeng Yu, Zhibao Dong, Junfeng Lu, Jiyan Li, Zhongping Lai
454 Vegetated hummocks on scalded clay pan soils – relic or recent deposit?
Zoe Read*, Adrian Chappell, Richard Greene, Brian Murphy