Palaeo-aeolian Systems

13:30 Session 6: Palaeo-aeolian Systems – convener Matt Telfer (

601 Trans-Atlantic connections between North African dust flux and tree growth
James King*, Grant Harley, Justin Maxwell
602 Transatlantic transport and deposition of Saharan dust and its marine environmental consequences
Jan-Berend Stuut*, Catarina Guerreiro, Chris Munday, Geert-Jan Brummer, Laura Korte, Michelle Van der Does
603 Variability in dust emissions from Australia over the past 6000 years: a record of synoptic-scale circulation change and recent human activity
Samuel Marx*, Hamish McGowan, James Hooper, Atun Zawadzki, Balz Kamber
604 A new record of palaeo dust deposition from Argentina’s Altiplano
James Hooper*, Samuel Marx, Jan-Hendrik May, Henk Heijnis
605 Wind strength variability in Australia during the last glacial maximum
Lynda Petherick*, Hamish McGowan, Patrick Moss, Sam Marx