Modelling Aeolian Transport

08:10 Session 5a: Modelling Aeolian Transport – convener Martina Klose (

501 Linear scaling of aeolian saltation flux with wind shear stress
Raleigh L. Martin*, Jasper F. Kok
502 Determination of Optimal Structural Parameters for Wind Barriers Using Numerical Simulation
Xiaoxu Wu*, Xiaofan Yang, Zhongquan Charlie Zheng, Xueyong Zou, Chunlai Zhang, Alan Wei Zheng
503 Modelling actual and potential wind erosion risk by using readily available data on weather elements and GIS.
Wolfgang Fister*, Mohammadali Saremi Naeini, Goswin Heckrath, Nikolaus J. Kuhn
504 Australian dust paths (1965 – 2014)
Tyler Kelly*, Matthew Baddock, Tadhg O’Loingsigh, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
505 Dust sources and atmospheric circulation acting in concert to control Saharan dust emission and transport pathways
Kerstin Schepanski*, Robert Wagner, Bernd Heinold, Ina Tegen
506 A 78- Year Climatology of Aeolian Dust in El Paso, Texas: Relationship to Drought and Large-Scale Teleconnections
Thomas Gill*, David J. Novlan, Joe D. Collins, Marisela Montelongo, Matthew Baddock

10:10 Morning break

10:30 Session 5b: Modelling Aeolian Transport – convener Kerstin Schepanski (

507 Numerical study of the influence of shape and rotation of particles on wind-blown saltation
Hongchao Dun*, Ning Huang
508 Mixing and Deposition Processes during Transatlantic Transport of Saharan Dust
Bernd Heinold*, Kerstin Schepanski, Max Ulrich, Moritz Haarig, Franziska Rittmeister, Ina Tegen
509 A numerical study on dust devils with implications to global dust budget estimates
Martina Klose*, Yaping Shao
510 A Numerical Simulation of Aeolian Snow Ripples on Dynamic Surface
Xinghui Huo*, Guang Li, Ning Huang
511 Numerical Simulation of Drifting Snow Saltation and Suspension
Guanglei Shi*, Ning Huang
512 The correlation analysis between snow streamers and turbulent wind field
Zhengshi Wang*, Ning Huang

12:30 Lunch