Mechanics of Aeolian Processes

08:35 Session 1a: Mechanics of Aeolian Processes – convener Doug Sherman (

101 Reconsidering aeolian transport in the context of near-bed wind tunnel measurements in 3D
Patrick O’Brien, Cheryl McKenna Neuman*
102 Spatiotemporal variability in saltation intensity on a narrow sandy beach
Winnie de Winter*, Gerben Ruessink, Geert Sterk
103 Simulation test on mechanisms of freezing-thawing induced wind erosion in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
Yao Qian*, Ping Yan, Wei Wu, Xiaonan Meng, Miao Dong
104 Some investigations into drifting snow and its sublimation in the turbulent atmosphere boundary layer
Ning Huang*, Guang Li, Zhengshi Wang
105 Aerodynamic and Sand Trapping Properties of Porous Mesh 3-Dimensional Roughness Elements
John Gillies*, Vicken Etyemezian, George Nikolich, William Nickling

10:15 Morning break

10:35 Session 1b: Mechanics of Aeolian Processes – convener Cheryl McKenna Neuman (

106 The Nature of Large-Scale Coherent Structures as a Source of Saltation Unsteadiness
Douglas Sherman*, Bailiang Li, Jean Ellis, Eugene Farrell, Robin Davidson-Arnott, Andreas Baas
107 Rain, wind and crusts: small scale processes drive landscape erodibility
Craig Strong*, Helene Aubault, Joanna Bullard, Hossein Ghadiri, Grant McTainsh
108 Periodic temporal oscillations in biocrust–vegetation dynamics on sand dunes
Hezi Yizhaq, Yosef Ashkenazy*
109 Mechanisms of dust emission from different surfaces
Jie Zhang*, Zhenjiao Teng, Ning Huang, Yaping Shao
110 Under the cover of darkness: Australia’s ‘missing’ dust storms
Hamish McGowan*, Michael Hewson, Joshua Soderholm