Anthropogenic Interactions with Aeolian Systems

08:10 Session 3a: Anthropogenic Interactions with Aeolian Systems – convener John Leys (

301 Building the next generation of database systems for the aeolian sciences
Louis Scuderi*, Gary Weissmann
302 Simulations of vegetation and wind erosion from two typical Sahelian millet fields and rangelands
Caroline Pierre*, Laurent Kergoat, Gilles Bergametti, Eric Mougin, Christian Baron, Amadou Abourhamane Toure, Jean-Louis Rajot, Pierre Hiernaux, Beatrice Marticorena, Claire Delon
303 Can biosolids reduce wind erosion of agricultural soils?
Brenton Sharratt*, William Schillinger, Andrew Bary, Craig Cogger
304 Monitoring of a coastal foredune restoration project: Noordwest natuurkern, The Netherlands
Gerben Ruessink*, Jasper Donker, Sebastiaan Arens, Marieke Kuipers
305 The National Wind Erosion Research Network: Building a standardized long-term data resource for aeolian research, modeling and land management
Nicholas Webb*, Jeffrey Herrick, Justin Van Zee, Ericha Courtright, Brad Cooper, Valerie LaPlante

09:50 Morning break

10:10 Distinguished Career Award (1) – nomination by Craig Strong

10:45 Session 3b: Anthropogenic Interactions with Aeolian Systems – convener Craig Strong (

306 Predicting dust and ground cover levels from antecedent rainfall
John Leys*, Stephan Heidenreich, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
307 The importance of IBA in characterizing source-sink relationships in Australian aeolian dust research: examples from case studies
Richard Greene*, Keith Scott (Deceased), Craig Strong, Eduard Stelcer, David Cohen
308 Dust producing soil types of the Mallee region, south-east Australia
Ben Love*, John Leys, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
309 A spatial dynamic framework for landscape-scale assessment of accelerated wind erosion in Australian rangelands
Helene Aubault*, Nicholas Webb, Craig Strong, Grant McTainsh
310 Managing Erosion in the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, Australia
John Leys, Tom Barrett, David Bye, Mal Ridges, Sandy Booth, Dan Rosendahl*