Aeolian Geomorphology (Deserts)

15:30 Session 7a: Aeolian Geomorphology (Deserts) – convener Jo Nield (

701 The Global Digital Dune Map
Paul Hesse*, Nick Lancaster, Matt Telfer
702 Tracking internal sedimentary structure of linear dune using cellular automaton
Yukun Liu*, Andreas Baas
703 Spatial patterning, sedimentology and chronological evolution of linear dunes, Strzelecki Desert
Matt Telfer*, Paul Hesse, Nick Lancaster
704 Dune migration and morphological changes during the incipient phase of stabilization and transformation in the northern Ordos Plateau, China
Eerdun Hasi*, Meiping Liu, Yu Sun, Chao Guan, Dan Liu
705 A Complex History for Linear Dunes on Earth and Application to Titan
Jani Radebaugh*, Clayton Chandler, John McBride, Tom Morris, Karl Arnold, Ralph Lorenz, Jason Barnes, Alex Hayes

Day 5 | Friday 8 July 2016

08:10 Session 7b: Aeolian Geomorphology (Deserts) – convener James King (

706 Characteristics of Icelandic Dust Sources: Particle Size, Morphology and Geochemistry
Thomas W Mockford*, Joanna Bullard, Throstur Thorsteinsson
707 The influence of grainfall and grainflow dynamics on barchan dune mobility under variable wind conditions
Joanna Nield*, Giles Wiggs, Matthew Baddock, Martin Hipondoka
708 Experimental and numerical study of Sharp’s shadow zone hypothesis on sand ripple wavelength
Hezi Yizhaq*, Erez Schmerler, Itzhak Katra, Jasper Kok, Haim Tsoar
709 Wind regimes and aeolian sand transport in Lut Desert of Iran
Hamidreza Abbasi*, Christian Opp
710 CFD Modelling and Field Observations of Flow over Scarps
Patrick Hesp*, Thomas Smyth

09:50 Morning break