Aeolian Deposits and Loess

15:15 Session 4: Aeolian Deposits and Loess – convener Lynda Petherick (

401 Aeolian dust deposition in the Aral Sea region – a spatial and temporal analysis of an ecological crisis
Michael Groll*, Christian Opp, Tom Lotz, Ilkhom Aslanov
402 Soil profile development and recovery on the Southern Great Plains following the US Dust Bowl
Stephen Cattle*, Jeff Lee
403 Iron oxide minerals in dust: New views of their types, sizes, amounts, and effects on the Earth System
Richard Reynolds*, Bruce Moskowitz, Harland Goldstein, Stephen Cattle, Charlie Bristow, Thelma Berquó, Ray Kokaly
404 Regional Dust Modelling on Geological Time Scales: the Evolution of the Chinese Loess Plateau
Yaping Shao*
405 Comparing contemporary atmospheric dust loads in south eastern Australia with dust contributions to soils
Nicola Stromsoe*, Sam Marx, Hamish McGowan