We’ll be running mid- and post-conference tour. Watch this space as we add more information in the coming months!

Pre-conference trip

Day road trip from Sydney to Mildura with Paul Hesse, subject to getting enough people (minibus for perhaps 12 people) with a few stops on the way: loess profile outside Yass; source-bordering dune near Wagga Wagga and the Mallee dunes near Balranald. The trip will leave on Sunday 3rd July (participants would need to be in Sydney the day before). Note that if this trip goes ahead he will also be driving back (see below).  Please contact Paul (paul.hesse@mq.edu.au) for more details.

Mid-conference tour

Dr. Stephen Cattle and Dr. John Leys have organised a fantastic one-day tour, where we’ll pass sand hills and dunes, rivers and playas. We’ll see Indigenous heritage sites of the first Australians. We’ll also drive through areas under irrigation and agricultural expansion. Throughout the region, wind erosion may be evident from varying factors.

See the proposed tour on Google Maps and download the itinerary and field guide

Post-conference field trips

The following are proposed field trips to take part in after the conference. They are still under planning, and are subject to change.

1. Pliocene – Pleistocene – Holocene and Modern Dune Systems of South AustraliaA 3-day drive from Mildura to Adelaide, through incredible dune systems. Register here.

2. Day road trip from Mildura to Sydney with Paul Hesse via the World Heritage Mungo National Park and the loess profile outside Yass and the source-bordering dune near Wagga Wagga. The plan is to arrive in Sydney late on 10 July (not in time for departures on 10th). Please contact Paul (paul.hesse@mq.edu.au) for more details (see above pre-conference trip from Sydney to Mildura)